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Retaining Wall Services in San Diego

A retaining wall is a strong structure built to stabilize slopes or to provide terraces, areas of different elevations for a multitude of purposes. Retaining walls are especially designed and built to resist gravity, lateral soil and water pressure. San Diego residential concrete contractors are trained and adequately experienced to calculate the tendency of the wall to move forward due to gravity. Retaining walls can be wonderfully used in landscaping; with their use you can enclose a decorative garden that is easy to maintain and add zest to the appearance of your property.

Building Retaining Walls – Process

Some retaining walls can be easily constructed in a DIY project, while others require a higher degree of professional training. If you are short on ideas and are not up to date with the latest trends and developments, trust skilled concrete contractors with the job.

Steps in building a retaining wall are the following:

  • Step 1 – Outlining the wall perimeter. This is where the exact length and location of the wall is set.
  • Step 2 – Excavation and base preparation. A layer of sand or stone dust is leveled on the bottom of the excavated area.
  • Step 3 – Wall building. Some concrete block styles interlock, their assembly is simple, time efficient and less costly, because each block fits securely with the other. For seismic areas, independent tiers are used, where blocks are placed independently and then anchored into the backfill.
  • Step 4 – Soil securing. A landscaping fabric is placed behind the wall to keep out soil from infiltrating through the wall.


Retaining Wall Repairs

If your wall is only plagued with some minor cracks and it does not crumble yet, repair works are easy to perform. Loose particles have to be completely removed. Cracks are then filled in with an epoxy or different filler. Retain wall surfaces are then smoothed out. Major damages to retaining walls ask for the expertise and skills of local residential contractors.

Materials Used for Retaining Walls

What materials need to be used for the construction of a custom retaining wall is largely dependant on the scope, placement and size of the wall. A complete material package includes:

  • foundation soil
  • precast, high strength concrete blocks
  • shear pins for blocks that do not interlock
  • reinforcement like: geotextile, welded wire fabric
  • retained soil
  • drainage fill


The segmental structure of a retaining wall gives it permeability in order to avoid growing hydro pressure. This is how the wall can resist overturn.

Costs Involved

No matter the purpose, the type of the retaining wall and materials used, pricing includes labor for three important works:

  • base preparation
  • compact backfill
  • proper drainage throughout the wall


Other factors to influence costs are material prices, hiring professionals for specialty walls, or transportation costs.

Decorative Designs for Retaining Walls

In the era of decorative concrete, retaining walls are no longer exclusively built for functional purposes. A retaining wall is a perfect way to add color and interest to a landscape. Pre-cast concrete blocks come in an amazing variety of textures and shapes. To get ideas and suggestions for your landscaping project, ask for the help of well prepared professionals.

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San Diego residential contractors are well versed with all concrete-related works. For a retaining wall, be that a functional or a purely decorative one, contact us! Call today and get our free estimate!


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